Lenten menu

From 19 February to 7 April

Special offer in the La Botanique restaurant

From 15 to 28 January

Our new lunch starts today!

In the La Botanique restaurant

Special offer in the La Botanique restaurant

From 27 November to 3 December

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Banquet menu / price 2460 rubles per person

Welcome cocktail unit
Canape with ham 1
Canape with soft-salted salmon 1
Canape with Feta 1
Canape with red caviar 1
Cold appetizers and salads in grams
Assortment of fresh vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, paprika, salad leaves 25/25/25/25
Assortment of fish: butterfish, soft-salted salmon, halibut, soft-salted herring with onion 25/25/25/25
Assortment of meat: salami, baked ham, roast beef, chicken roll, homemade roll with beef and pork, stuffed with pistachio 25/25/25/25/25
Homemade pickles: cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, celeriac 25/25/25/25
Ox tongue jelly 100
"Country" salad 75
 Shrimp salad 75
"Norwegian" salad 75
Main courses at your choice in grams
Beef steak served with baked potato 200/200/30
Pork chop baked with cheese served with champignon dressing 200/150/30
Grilled salmon fillet with vegetables 200/150/30
Beverages in grams
Mineral water, tea, coffee Not limited

10% service charge is paid in addition.

All prices are in rubles.