Lenten menu

From 19 February to 7 April

Special offer in the La Botanique restaurant

From 15 to 28 January

Our new lunch starts today!

In the La Botanique restaurant

Special offer in the La Botanique restaurant

From 27 November to 3 December

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The price of coffee breaks and lunch per person

Welcome coffee

  • tea and coffee
  • assortment of cookies
  • muffins

The price is 180 rubles

Morning coffee

  • tea and coffee
  • fruit juices
  • sandwich with cheese
  • sandwich with ham
  • assortment of cookies
  • fruit basket.

The price is 295 rubles

Afternoon coffee

  • tea of coffee
  • fruit juices
  • croissants
  • jam .

The price is 240 rubles

Russian coffee

  • tea and coffee
  • "Vatrushka" with jam
  • "Vatrushka" with curd-cheese
  • Russian traditional "Oladii" stuffed with cherry and strawberry;
  • "Pirozhki" with cabbage

The price is 300 rubles

Business lunch

  • salad-bar with six starters
  • choice of two soups
  • choice of three main courses with three garnishes
  • assortment of desserts
  • tea and coffee
  • mineral water, fruit drink, compote

The price is 450 rubles


  • glass of house wine
  • tea and coffee
  • fruit juices
  • fruit basket
  • canapé with red caviar
  • canapé with tuna
  • mushroom julienne
  • chicken mini-barbecue

The price is 375 rubles