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From 19 February to 7 April

Special offer in the La Botanique restaurant

From 15 to 28 January

Our new lunch starts today!

In the La Botanique restaurant

Special offer in the La Botanique restaurant

From 27 November to 3 December

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Business lunch

Every working day you will find the following variety of food on our buffet: six starters, two soups, three main courses, three garnishes, three soft drinks, tea and coffee. Menu is changing daily!

Assortment of Business-lunch buffet in NasHOTEL:

Assortment of buffet of OUR business-lunch:


Fresh vegetable salad with sour cream and greens 120/20 gr;
Cabbage sour 200/30 gr;
Cod fillet cooked in a pair with dill and broccoli 120/120 gr;
Chicken wings with Idaho potatoes and tomato sauce 120/100/30 gr;

Charlotte Apple 75 g;
Tea, coffee, lemon.


Salad of cabbage 120 g;
Rassolnik with sour cream 200/30 gr;
Fillet of salmon grilled with fried cauliflower sauce and tar-tar 120/100/30 gr;
Shish kebab from pork with French fries and ketchup 120/100/30 gr;

Strudel berry 75 g;
Tea, coffee, lemon.


Salad East with carrots and ham 120 g;
Soup potato with beans 200 gr;
Fish in batter with mashed potatoes with the canadian sauce 120/1010/30 gr;
Zrazy meat minced with egg, onions served with boiled and green oil 120/100/30 gr;
Pancakes "" 100/30 gr;
Tea, coffee, lemon.


Salad of chicken fillet with vegetables 120 g;
Soup kharcho 200 gr;
Beef liver are Stroganoff with boiled potatoes 120/100 gr;
Fried cod with basmati rice and sunflower oil 120/100/20 gr;
Sponge-cake 75 g;
Tea, coffee, lemon.


Salmon salad weak salt with corn and fresh cucumbers 120 g;
Vegetable cream-soup with greens 200 gr;
Mutton with prunes and corn 120/100 gr;
Spaghetti with sauce "" 220 g;
"Butter log" 75 g;
Tea, coffee, lemon.

Seth-lunch full (cold appetizer, first course, main dish, dessert) - 490 p.
Seth-lunch Express (cold appetizer, main dish, dessert) - 390 p.

In every lunch includes drinks (tea, coffee, mineral water, juice) and bread basket.

For more detailed information please address to employees of the restaurant.